Connecting Your Business to tryinhere

May 26, 2018
For those looking to connect their business with, the options available depend of if you have your own web site or not?

For those without a website, you can opt to use as your main site, in that as a Member you are allocated your own username as an example You can set this up on registration and or edit this within your Members CP.

Once set up you will be able to create your fliers, business cards and any other marketing material with your web site address shown as

Now that you have set up your username, there are some other quick checks / tasks that may help you in the long run, they are to consider buying the domain name for you business if you have not done so, and then if you wish you can set up your domain to forward to your page.

This setup will then allow you to upgrade your fliers, business cards and other marketing material to as this domain will lead back to your username and ultimately allow to to progress to your own website if you wish to do so at a later date.

For those with a website, you can still use the extension and create your username to match your business name. You will also be able to provide a link to your website in the profile section located in your Members CP, and in addition to this you will be able to provide links back to your website / store from each listing using our Shop Now or Learn More options.

Regardless if you have a website or not you could also look at also acquiring any social media properties associated with your business name, for use now or in the future.

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NB: In keeping with our Site Terms - When creating your username you may not use a website name, trademark or registered extension name that does not belong to you, or in simple terms do not claim to be somebody you are not. If a dispute arises admin will administer the extension to it's rightful owner where proof of ownership is established.

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