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If you looking to buy or sell your products and or to promote your related events and services, regardless if your just starting out and working from home or if you already have a website and or a store, be it big or small, our goal is simple, and that is to help you gain better results from your online classified listings.

But before you get started with us, let’s take a quick look behind the scenes at the tryinhere.com story to see if this is the right place for you?

At an early age and knee high to a grasshopper my brothers and I were sent to live with our Nan & Pop, after a separation between our parents and at this time they owned Carn Brae, a huge 30 odd rooms plus historic home, based in Port Pirie SA.
Nan and Pop would open the home to tourists travelling through the town so they could view the antiques and collectables 7 days a week, and I can remember my own bedroom was part of the home display, so with that I had to be out of bed and the room tidied up each morning so that the tourists could view the room during the day, and then at night after closing I could go back into my 1900’s style bedroom for another night.
The home was effectively a living museum, we displayed the home during the day and lived in it at night, and for my brothers and I it was normal, living with and using old stuff dating back to the turn of the century was just part of life.
As Kids we often used to go to auctions and garage sales with our Pop and purchase all sorts of wonderful old and collectible items, and this would then often end up, in the cleaning and repairing of many of those items and keeping them for display in the house or they were put up for resale.
It was one very different upbringing when we look back, but one that for us seemed normal and thinking about it now, but we would have not swapped it out for a brass razoo,  and all of this was long before any TV shows or picking became as popular as it is today.
From there and in moving out into the world I went on to work all across Australia in a career of sales and marketing that lasted for many years. The one thing you do not realise when you are busy working away in life, caught in the rat race that is often portrayed to us as something we all do, is that you loose sight of the things you really love to do, and that one thing was what I have really loved as a child, the discovery of the old stuff long forgotten, the tinkering with broken things and fixing them up and the overall love for the times that had passed before us, and in some funny way helping to save these treasures for future generations to enjoy.
It was only after all of those years of working away and then on returning to the good old days, that I found that after speaking with many people working in the antique, collectable, retro and vintage areas, be it they were working from home, the expo’s, markets and or in a bricks and mortar business, that there was one thing that stood out when asking about their marketing and or online marketing experiences.
Most said they found it time consuming, that they had tried it, and it did not work and that it was mostly a waste of time, that they did not understand it or was unable keep up with the many changes, or at best any marketing was non existent, and yes there were those who were having some success as well, but they all did agree on one thing, they wanted their marketing to work better and more importantly to be selling more.
For the most part the people I spoke with were correct, in saying they were wasting their time and that things simply did not work and this was for a number of common reasons.
Often the wrong wording and layout was used in their ads, and then poor pictures were added to support those ads and at best all attempts were haphazard, and as a result many gave up because it was all just to hard and time consuming and or it just did not seem to work, and even if they had the ad correct, it simply did not matter how great that message was, if they then put that message in front of the wrong people, it was not targeted and they were simply at best wasting their time despite any good intentions.
For these reasons and more it was decided to create a cooperative (yes just like the old days) for better words, where we could all combine together to form a highly targeted website that is promoted well across many mediums, in the best way possible and to allow for everyone to be able to achieve effective marketing with lower costs while at the same time maximising their profit potential.
To do all of that, we make sure our number one main focus is all about helping you produce effective classifieds that lead to better results, and to keep that focus front and centre, we spend as many hours as we can with the best marketing coaches and mentors available to us as we can, in research, development, review and marketing strategies across many fronts in an ongoing basis.
In its simplest form your marketing should be highly targeted and an ongoing and repeatable process that earns a profit each and every time, but before you jump in boots n all and get started it is also very important to note that tryinhere.com is not for everybody.
If you are a person expecting instant success and or results you will probably be disappointed, marketing takes time to develop across all fronts and become effective, and sure we all hope for some initial success, but it will be only with continued and repetitive targeted efforts that you will see your results improve.
We also do not guarantee your ads any positioning within any of the search engines and or social media sites such as google, facebook or similar sites, although we work hard to provide the best platform and information on compiling your ads, we at the end of the day have no control over any search engines or social media sites and how they read and or display the information they collect.
We also can not guarantee any increase of sales or business in general, we will always, and as best we can, guide you on best practices to use as and when we can, but at the end of the day we can not control what you list, the condition, pricing, the ad title, copy and or supporting images and or text of that product or service, which would all be factors in any listing outcome.
Lastly, it is very important to understand that tryinhere.com by purpose does not have free listings. (Yes everybody gets a free no obligation trial) This is for several reasons, firstly we do not have any third party ads on our site, we wanted to make this a site that focuses 100% on your ads and your ads alone with zero distractions, or in better words, highly targeted ads and secondly we fully support and engage in paid advertising and promotion for this site to bring you potential customers in cost effective way, and it simply would not be fair for some people not to pay over others who pay to get the benefits of the cooperatives combined marketing efforts.
So if you are a person who wants instant fame with little to no work, insists you need to be number one on google and facebook with every single listing, expects to sell everything instantly yesterday and wants it all for free with extra change put back in your skyrocket, then it is a good chance that this is not the right place for you and might be best for you to work with one of the many free general sites.
But if tryinhere.com sounds and feels right for you then, for those looking for that special item you can join and chat with the sellers and or create your personal watch list for those special harder to find items, and or those who want to start selling, you can join and get your FREE no risk or obligation starter pack today.
You are probably wondering where the catch is? Well the answer is simple, there is not one. We simply want you try us out at no risk to you, that’s it, as we ask for nothing in return, however if you wish to send us back honest feedback, things like what other categories you think we should add, tell us what other features we need or how can we improve the overall experience or any other ideas, that would be appreciated.

For those of you who are reading this now, it mean’s that you are eligible for a very special limited once only time sensitive offer, and it is for a very simple reason. To launch a web site and to give it traction, it takes an enormous amount of energy, time and money, so to help with this and for a very limited time we are offering people that join in the early days a huge incentive to come onboard with us.

So for those wishing to join today we are offering not 12 free listings in your starter pack but a huge 365 free listings in your starter pack.

As time goes on we will review the number of free listings offered on a regular basis and as we gain more users the number of free listings will be reduced all the way down to 12 and then this opportunity will disappear forever and a day.

We know you will love using tryinhere.com, but if for any reason if you decide that you are not happy for any reason, we offer a 100% no quibble refund on any active paid listings package, regardless of how many ads have been used and even then if you wish, you can keep the listing package with any active ads running until they all expire with no questions asked.

So if you’re looking for a website that offers ease of use, a targeted audience with no third party ads and is marketed in a cost effective and cooperative way that produces a better results for your business we would love for you to Join With Us Today.

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